Theming Services Perth

Surroundings are a huge part of any event, hands down. The right theming and props can turn warehouses into wonderlands, a beach into a temporary paradise, or a field into a carnival of complete awesomeness.
With the right surroundings, you can make your guests believe that you’ve transported them to another world. A world where they need not worry about anything but the pursuit of their own happiness.

So where can you find these “surroundings?” Well, that’s where Sweet Orange comes in.

We currently have two core themes available to offer, however we are more than willing and able to work with your own theme in mind.

Our array of theming, staging and lighting services – available to any and all of our clients – means we can fully personalise and fine-tune your event with wholehearted, enduring support.

Sweet Orange are confident that we can make your event the best it can be. We’ve been working with some of our Clients for over 6 years, who choose stay with us not just because of the awesome work we do for them, but because of the way we make our Client’s guests feel, too.

Tropical Theme

Our Tropical theme will bring your event to life and keep the good times flowing, so even you won’t have anything to worry about.

Rustic Theme

Our environmentally-friendly Rustic theme will take your guests somewhere both foreign and familiar, while ultimately staying true to the laid-back Aussie way of life.

Some of Our Happy Clients